Virtual monkeys in charge of the zoo

  • GIT
  • devops hell
  • Testing and environments
  • Steve Jobs wannabes
  • open mode, and creativity to solve problems
  • shedding light

no GIT experience

yeah, It’s you mofo, use the terminal!
typical git flow

CICD madness with microservices

snif snif, I can smell geek
a devops engineer I know

Local env

  • Can you replicate your stack locally?
  • Is it reliable?

Pre production env

multiple relations
  • A single staging environment is not enough

Testing approach

Check out TDD BDD benefits where I can embalm your brain to death as they did with the pharaohs
If you can’t unit test it, don’t use mocks, create an integration test instead, like the one in the image

Be in open mode

Shedding light in the darkness

Javascript developer

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Serguey Arellano Martínez

Serguey Arellano Martínez

Javascript developer

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